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Application "Knowledge base for WoT" is comliant with «Wargaming Developer Partner Program» http://eu.wargaming.net/developers/documentation/rules/rules/
Authrization using Wargaming API for client applications - user enters his auth data on special page of game publisher World of Tanks.
Application does not store or transmit user auth data, as well as auth token, to our or other services. Auth token stored on user device till moment it expires. Application does not transmit any data to our or other servers, which can identify user.

Collecting anonymous data Google Analytics

Application is collecting anonymous Google Analytics data. Information is anonymous and can not be linked with particular user.
Data which can be collected with Google Analytics:
  • Usage statistics: startup, close, frequency and duration of usage
  • Popularity of application sections
  • User interactions with application - clicks on interface elements, menu
  • Usage of different application versions
  • User country
  • User system language and application language
  • Application working speed

If user don't want Google Analytics data to be collected, he can disable this feature in application settings.

Collection of anonymous data Google Play developer console

Application is using linked Google play developer account and Google Analytics. This means, this data can be transmitted to Google Analytics:
  • Application usage on different Android versions
  • Device names on which application is used
  • Number of displays of application in Google Play Market
  • Traffic sources
  • Number of views of description page
  • Number of installs, downloads and first launches
  • User application ratings and dynamic of their change

Usage of anonymous data

All data collecting in application are used only by developers of application "Knowledge base for WoT" for analasys user behavior, interface interaction, popularity of different functions, and doesnt transmitted to third-parties.

In-app advertisements

Application "Knowledge base for WoT" is using targeted advertisements Google AdMob https://www.google.com/admob/.
You can find more info about data used by ads network here: https://www.google.com/intl/ru/policies/privacy/

Last privacy policy upadte: February 2015.